Week 8

Week 8 update
Steering Rack

  • mounting points for steering rack were determined.
  • the team will be using Unit strut to bolt down the steering rack.
  • The mounting point are shown in the following image.

  • The dX (6.74in) is subject to change when final FEA analysis is done. this would effect the current way that the unit strut is set up.
  • Current  height of steering rack will be 6.4 inches from bottom surface to top

Guide Arm
  • team is working on solidwork models of the guide arm
  • FEA analysis was done on the guide component.
  • Dr. Furman recommends a incorporation of damper into the system to make motion more smooth
  • Calculation of the force acting on the wheel was performed using Matlab
  • The full design of the guide arm is available on individual post from two weeks ago.

Braking system 
  • Breaking system was relocated from the inside of the track to the bottom 
  • This new design will allow the brake pads to press on the bottom of the tracks to slow the bogie down in case of an emergency. 
  • The new location allows us to use bigger and stronger springs, and it solves the problem where the brakes are never at a constant distance from the track.


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  2. Full Scale Drive Team: I am happy to see some CAD and FEA results completed.

    It will be great once you have all of your sub-systems designed in Solidworks and integrated together on the chassis of the bogie. Perhaps 3D print the guide arm as a rapid prototype to ensure it will work as intended.

    Be sure to keep open communication with all of your sub-teams, as you very well know it is difficult to integrate many sub-systems in the end.

    Please read my latest postto ensure your team keeps up with Fall 2018 schedule http://spartansuperway.blogspot.com/2018/10/fall-2018-week-by-week-schedule_8.html


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