Week 9-10/17/2018

For this week, the team is preparing for presentation next week.

Articulation of bogies:

Completed design for new, light weight Z-bracket in Solidworks.Performed FEA on the Z-bracketFEA results show a need for thickness in material, Safety factor below 1.Working on changes to design.Plan on 3D printing rapid PrototypeNEED to add a rib on steering rack reduce moment arm caused by the bearing holderPossibly make plates 5mm thickness instead of 3mm
Spring Loaded Guide Arm: Performed Calculations for Max load of spring and spring rateResearched for the damper criteria for selectionCalculated frequency for damper and Max energy absorbedThe natural frequency of the system is much lower than the frequency of force given by the track, so this means that resonance will not occur.Dr. Furman concludes,from the results, that a damper is not practical and cost effective for Maker's Faire. However, I will included into design, but not actually included in real application.There will not be any c…

Week 8

Week 8 update
Steering Rack

mounting points for steering rack were determined.the team will be using Unit strut to bolt down the steering rack.The mounting point are shown in the following image.

The dX (6.74in) is subject to change when final FEA analysis is done. this would effect the current way that the unit strut is set up.Current  height of steering rack will be 6.4 inches from bottom surface to top

Guide Arm team is working on solidwork models of the guide armFEA analysis was done on the guide component.Dr. Furman recommends a incorporation of damper into the system to make motion more smoothCalculation of the force acting on the wheel was performed using MatlabThe full design of the guide arm is available on individual post from two weeks ago.

Braking system  Breaking system was relocated from the inside of the track to the bottom This new design will allow the brake pads to press on the bottom of the tracks to slow the bogie down in case of an emergency. The new location allows us t…

Week 7 Update


Team consulted the track team for dimensionscleared up objectives we need to finish before semester endsHad a FEA learning session as a teamBegan FEA procedure on guide arm assembly.Went over ideas for Rapid prototyping for emergency braking system

Week of 9/26/2018

The objectives of the team were changed last week with input from Dan and Dr. Furman. The scope of the team now includes:
Designing articulating axles of the bogie.Designing spring loaded guide armDesigning emergency braking system.Providing mounting points for the hub motor axles to motor team. For the previous week, the team also worked on the redo of the proposal which is linked below. For this week, Presentation 1 was the main focus. Over the past two weeks, the team had been working on their design ideas, researching relevant topics, and performing calculations pertaining to each members parts. Currently, the different scopes are divided among the team member, and detail information of the different duties is provided in the presentation which is linked below. The team also has provided a Gantt Chart for this semester keeping in mind the goal of Maker Faire.
Presentation 1
Gantt Chart
Week One Update:                                                                                                                 9/5/2018

Team Objectives were createdSpecific tasks were assigned including, Creating new emergency braking system for the bogieNew system for independent wheel movementNew tension system for beltImproved steering system Drivetrain Lighting Presentation 1
The first task for the team last week were to gather information on the previous teams work on the drivetrain. Furthermore, the team was to evaluate what needs to be improved on. From this accumulated data, the team proposed their different idea’s during the “Lightning Presentation”. From the presentation, it was concluded that the team will need to improve the current pulley system and the motor. Additionally, the team will have to be prepared for accommodating the high density motor team. Dan, team mentor, conclude during the online conference, the bogie drivetrain only needs to have emergency brakes in cas…