Week of 05-15-2019

This was the final week of the Spartan Superway project. The team has learned so much over the past several months and the experience is invaluable. The final presentation went smooth and better than we had expected. Overall all of the team's goals were met and we are extremely proud of that. I hope that next years team will continue working hard on the Spartan Superway so we can one day make it a reality.

Week of 5/8/2019

Full Scale Steering and Braking Team                                                             Week of 5/8/2019

This was a busy week for the team. Firstly, the team had to prepared for the prototype evaluation for the each of the three systems. Furthermore, team also took part in the Alumni Night where we demonstrated how each of the systems worked and the purpose and need for the systems to faculty and alumni present on Thursday. Moreover, students also had the final presentation on Friday, so students also spent the week preparing for the presentation. The link to the presentation is provided below.

Week of 5/2/2019

Guide Arm                                                                                                               Akash Sandhu
The goal of this week was to have all manufacturing completed for all three of the guide arms and to test fit the guide arms onto the bogies. All of the guide arms assemblies are completed. I attempted to test fit the slave bogie guide arm and was faced with some small aligning problems. However, I have solve the problem and have successfully attached one of the guide arms to the slave bogie.  The other slave bogie is also ready to be attached to the slave bogie. The drive bogie guide arm is complete, but the interaction team did not have ready as of early Friday morning for me to attach my arm. There should be no problems with the drive bogie as long as the physical bogie matches the CAD model.
I have also weighed the arms, they are well below the 15 kg limit.

Week of 4/24/2019

Guide Arm                                                                                                                  Akash Sandhu 
 I have found a welding shop that gave a cheaper quote  ($250) at Quiet Horsepower compared to the initial quote by Nam's Welding. Additionally, he plans to use TIG welding compared to MIG welding used previously. TIG welding allows for more precise and clean welding beads He has already tack welded half my parts and  the plan is to finish the rest of the welding on Friday. I have provided the images below. Furthermore, I aim to be test fitting my parts to the slave bogie.

Articulation We finally got parts out of the waterjet we are still waiting on the CNC to finish the parts  There are some components that need to be welded we are waiting on a quote from quiet horse to see how much it will be Here is a picture of what is done so far
The emergency braking is almost ready for testing. The manufacturing is almost complete with an exceptio…

Week of 4/17/2019

We had some problems with the central shop. a ticket was closed without being complete so we have been trying to talk to Neil about getting back in line to have our parts manufactured.

Still waiting on parts from central shop we are looking for we are looking for outside sources to have parts manufactured instead of relying on the central shop.

Parts are being prepped to be welded. the following is a picture of the part before welding.

Guide Arm
I have prepped all of my parts for welding. I was having trouble getting welding done at central shop and getting access to MIG welder. I have gotten one spring-wheel assembly welded for free, but that person is not willing to do anymore. I have got another lead local to me in Newark willing to weld the rest of the parts and the quote is $250. I should have my parts complete by this upcoming Friday (4/26).

Week of 4/10/2019

This week the team had presentations on Wednesday, so the focus was on preparing for the team presentations. The team has also been manufacturing its parts. For the guide arm, the only thing needed from central shop services was water jet cutting, so the next important step is to start welding. For which the team took one hour training on Friday. Akash and Jaspreet now both have cleared the safety quiz to get access to central shop and eng room 123. The team is working hard to finish up manufacturing as soon as possible, which is made easier thanks to new tools in the Makerspace/Superway area.

This week we managed to get some parts manufactured at the central shop. the parts that were manufactured include parts to build the housing of the articulation system. there are still more parts that need to manufacture but unfortunately the water jet is under maintenance and we will not know when it is working again. the parts that we did get manufactured have been sanded down an…

Week of 3/27-4/5

The team has dropped of all of all of its material required by the central shop on Tues 4/2 and pick up all the sheet metal water jet parts on Wednesday (4/3). So I have all the parts that I needed water jet cut for the guide arm. Also, I worked with Dr. Furman with milling out the tabs on 3/29. The makerspace was closed on following monday. I was able to use the lathe to reduce the diameter for a steel rod which I needed. The team is preparing for presentation upcoming week. For the guide arm the next step is to start welding, which requires access to welding. I have completed the welding module for makerspace.