Week 16

The team is working towards  finishing the final report for the deadline of December 17th. During the group session, the team presentations were continued. After the team presentations, the team was able to update both Dan and Ethan on the  current progress of the team. Dan was able to provide some helpful suggestions and advise for the designs. Dan suggested that for the guide arm, the tubing be bought instead of manufactured. Lastly, Dan suggested I also change the mounting a little.

For articulation

updated pins to fit with standard snap ringsconsulted Dan about possible redesigning of the mounting for the articulation system to the bogieDue to last minute changes to the Slave bogies structure. new slots will need to be made so that articulation system can fit properly

Week 15

Week 15
The focus of the whole week was preparation for the presentation. Going forward the team has a few goals left to complete. The first finish up any Design modifications that are left. Secondly, the goal is to finish the final report before the end of the semester. Lastly, the team aim to have a finished Bill of Materials.

Guide Arm: 
The guide arm design and assembly is complete. The mounted points have been added to both the drive and slave bogie guide arm. The last FEA was also completed for the slave bogie guide arm as show below. There are confirmed mounting points on the slave bogie. There still need to be mounting points made on the drive bogie.
Factor of Safety = 3.321
Factor of Safety = 3.659
For this week, the braking system was fully redesigned. There were several issues from the last design such as twisting of the inside rod during braking and the ability to compress the spring back after system is deployed. The redesign fixes all of these issues. The rods that are protruding from the sides of the design are mounting spots for a spring compressor. There is also a notch in the bottom section of the rod with a pin inside the assembly. This will not allow the rod to rotate during deployment. FEA has been ran on the entire system and has a minimum factor of safety of 2. We are waiting on the interface team for some mounting spots on the slave bogie.

              For the guide arm, the mounting points on the guide arm were also created for the slave bogie. They have been test fitted on slave bogie assembly. However, they need to be test fitted on the final slave bogie design that the interaction team is working on. The image of the test fitted guide arm on the slave…

Week 13

There is less than one month before this semester ends and we are starting to shift our focus on to our project report. We feel that we have enough information to discuss our progress. We have made significant progress with our designs and will continue to tweak and improve details. We have ran FEA calculations and have made prototypes to test out our designs. With finals coming in a few weeks, we would like to make significant progress to our report each week and hopefully have our reports completed before the week of December 10th.

Guide Arm
I have added mounting points to the guide arm for the drive bogie, and have tested that it fits the drive bogie. Now the interaction team needs to add mounting points to the drive bogie. Last, there was also focus on completing the last individual writing assignment. The goal is to determine mounting points for the slave bogie next. FEA was also completed on the guide arm with these new mounting points, and two different loading scenarios were …

Week 12

Week 11/17/2018                                                                        Full-Scale Articulation and Brakes

         We were able to get solid work models of early versions of the new slave bogie. we are currently working on trying to incorporate the new articulation system to the updated slave bogie.
We will need to make some adjustments to some side panels of the wheel housing so that it does not interfere with the articulation system.
We will need an FEA after the parts are cut to see if the structure still retains its strength.
Pins are still being modeled. we might just use premade pins (if available) to reduce manufacturing cost.
Guide Arm (Akash Sandhu)
       For the guide arm, I was facing two problems. As discussed in Presentation 2, the exact spring I had designed and calculated for was not available at McMaster-Carr, so I had to adapt my design and redo my calculations with the new spring. When I redesign the spring load wheel holder with the new sl…

Week 11

Week 11,

For this week the team continued to work on our individual components


currently redesigning thrust bearing carriage, need to consider there being an axle that connects both wheels together.currently designing pins that will lock in place for the steering rack,
Guide Arm:
currently working on improving on the design for the spring holder and wheel holderthe Safety factor is really high attempting to decrease material and make design changes to improve design and optimize for safety of factor above 2, but not extremely high.images of the components are provided that show area where material can be removed.furthermore, the prototype should a concern a different loading concern when it comes off of switching tracks, the force will not all be perpendicular to the track, so additionally FEA was done with different loading conditions.minimum Factor of safety = 27goal for next weekstart reportRedesign the "arm" for the guide arm,and hopefully have confirmed mounti…

Week 10

Week 10

this week the team worked on finishing up solid work models and conducted FEA on most of them
Through rapid prototyping we were ale to see that our designs had a few problems that needed to get fixed before the final product.


The problem with articulation structure where it would fail when loaded with 2500lb was fixed by adding a small section that helped reduced the moment arm caused by the bearing carriage. Shown in next figure. 
The following figure shows the redesigned part. This new design greatly reduces the moment arm allowing the structure to carry more weight.This design has a factor of safety of 8.86 this means there is alot we can do to improve the design and reduce its weight from current 14 pounds.Since the bogie will not be using an axle we had to think of a new way to mount wheel housing to the new articulation system for now we designed this component which works as a carriage for the thrust bearing and also has mounting holes for the wheel housing.T…